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empower your life!

Take your physique to the next level. Get a personalized coaching experience with the ultimate physique mastery programme.

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Sophie Greenslade Coaching

What can you expect?

what can you expect


You will receive a personalised training programme tailored to your specific physique goal and learn how to take your training execution to a whole new level with access to an extensive tutorial video library.


You will be personally guided on exactly how to eat to fuel your physique goal and you’ll gain the knowledge on how to eat to stay in shape for life.


You will be held accountable for your weekly progress where individualised adjustments will be made to your plan to keep you moving forwards with your progress.


You will receive weekly personalized video check in feedback, 24:7 communication for any support you need and the opportunity to have regular 1-1 coaching calls.


Become part of an inspiring community of like minded high achievers who will elevate your potential and put you in the right environment to grow!


You will have access to effective and efficient data tracking for both your training performance and weekly physique progress.


You will be provided with a comprehensive road map laying out the different phases of your unique transformation journey.


You will have access to consistent educational resources to empower you with the knowledge and self sufficiency to maintain your results for life.


Alex Jacob

"I’m in the fitness industry and completed a photoshoot the year before so I had set myself a goal of improving my conditioning and physique to do a second photoshoot."

"While I was knowledgeable about training and nutrition. I was never able to push myself to find my limit of what I could achieve and have a layer of accountability and structured guidance from a coach."

Alex Jacob

Meet your coach, Sophie Greenslade

About Sophie

Sophie has dedicated the last 9 years of her life to building her own physique and investing in her knowledge to become a better coach.

Through the countless mistakes, challenges and lessons she’s learnt on her own physique journey, Sophie discovered her life’s passion and purpose.

Sophie’s purpose in life is to help driven, high achievers worldwide build the lean physique they’ve always dreamed of and build the mindset to unlock their potential.

Sophie is a Dubai based physique coach who helps committed males and females overcome the frustrating plateau they’ve reached with their fat loss and muscle building efforts.

Most rewarding for Sophie is showing every client she works with the physique they’re REALLY capable of when you combine ACTION with the right guidance, knowledge and accountability.

One of Sophie’s biggest passions as a coach is getting her clients to see how transforming their physique has the power to transform their entire life.

Sophie strongly believes that building a physique you never thought was possible will transform your self confidence, self belief, energy and LIFE!

Which, will carry over to your success and fulfilment in EVERY other area of your life.

For Sophie, it’s not just a body transformation it’s a body, mind and life transformation.

Sophie’s mission is to use every mistake she made and lesson she learnt on her own journey to help other high achievers achieve more results in LESS TIME!

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Build the physique you’ve always dreamed of with Sophie!

Ultimate physique
mastery programme

  • Personalised training programme

  • Personal nutritional guidance

  • Weekly assessment and plan adjustments

  • Weekly personalized video check in feedback and 1-1 coaching calls

  • Constant communication and support

  • Join the ultimate physique mastery tribe

  • Effective data tracking

  • Consistent education

If you’re ready to commit to building the lean physique you’ve always wanted and be empowered with the knowledge to stay in shape for life, hit subscribe and fill out the application form below.

To get the best results, get ready to take massive ACTION and be prepared to change YOU.

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